The Front Line

Unseen warfare has a theater and it has a front line. The theatre of war is everywhere and anywhere that we find ourselves. It is when we are walking down the street, driving in our cars, watching a movie, eating food, sitting in a class and so on... The front line is our whole being. This includes the body, and the three faculties of the soul. At times the battlefield is the body by way of physical urges, and at other times it’s in the mind and heart, but it is always in the will. Often the conflict is a tug of war between the mind or heart and a stubborn will. Plato eloquently talked about this tension by using an analogy of the archer and his bow. He said that it is like the hands of the archer which push and pull the bow at the same time. In this analogy one hand is pushing with desire and the other hand is pulling with reason and restraint. This conflict between the two is the essence of unseen warfare. An active spiritual life through unseen warfare is the activity of learning how to find a harmonious balance.