The precept of receiving communion is more broadly about participating in the activities of Church. Regular church attendance along with the sacraments and mysteries she provides for us is all intended in healing our souls and bodies and bringing us into communion with God.

For many of us, getting up out of bed and making our way to church requires some level of force. It is not easy to want to stand in the presence of God and in a congregation of others. We have no problem standing at a concert for hours, or attending a sporting event for hours, but when the time for church arrives we are too busy, or don’t want to endure.

“And at the circus, without a roof above them to keep off the rain, the crowds stand there crazy, the rain pouring down on them, and the wind blowing it in their faces, and they think nothing of the cold or the rain or the distance, and nothing will keep them from going there, and nothing will keep them at home! But to go to the Church, a shower, or the mud on the road, is a serious obstacle!”

-- St John Chrysostom

Receiving Holy Communion often is recommended to heal and strengthen. This naturally is always precluded by confession.